Ivan Jaros Drupal support

Custom modules, migrations, legacy code


Sometimes it is hard to find someone to tweak your existing website built with Drupal. Developers leave or switch jobs, keeping an in-house dev team is expensive, people lose track of the code base and nobody knows what is what anymore. This can be quite painful if you want to avoid having to completely rebuild your whole website from scratch - yet again.

For this reason, I am offering you my services of Drupal support and maintenance for your legacy code. With 12 years of experience writing Drupal code, I am able to offer you a stellar support covering any Drupal related situations. Whether you want to fix a bug, install latest updates or add new feature - I am able to help you.

Pre-paid support Hour Day Week Month
Number of hours 1 8 40 160
Price per hour 150 € 130 € 100 € 80 €
Total price 150 € 1 040 € 4 000 € 12 800 €

If you want to hire me, you can reach me via e-mail [email protected]

Note that payment is paid upfront and I am located in GMT+1 time zone, in case you need something done promptly. Anything above the first 15 minutes is billed as full hour. I can meet you in person, if needed, anywhere in Europe at your expense with a day notice.