Ivan Jaros Golang freelancer

Microservices, gRPC APIs, custom servers, utilities


Go is one of the newest and fastest growing languages these days. Backed by Google, made with concurrency, high performance and fast compilation times in mind from the get-go. Go is de facto the language of the cloud and king of microservices. With low memory footprint and high performance, it is a great alternative for Java, Scala or C#.

Due to my long experience with programming PHP with frameworks like Drupal or Symfony, JavaScript, NodeJS, Ruby and Python, Go was an easy language for me to pick up and extend my knowledge with. I am not on the senior level yet but I can deliver results on intermediate level. I have experience with writing gRPC based micro-services, gRPC based API gateway, custom servers on binary level or custom entity management.

Pre-paid hours 1-4 5-12 13-48 49+
Price per hour 100 € 60 € 50 € 40 €

If you want to hire me, you can reach me via e-mail [email protected]

Note that payment is paid upfront. I do 5 hour workdays maximum, including weekends and holidays. Unused credit will be expired on the last day of the next month following the month the payment was made. I will reserve my time for you but if you do not use it the credit will simply expire. I am located in GMT+1 time zone, in case you need something done promptly. I can meet you in person, if needed, anywhere(preferably Europe) at your expense with two days notice. I can also work on-site, wherever you need, on your expenses.